25 The Best Staircase Design Ideas

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The stairs in your home might not be equivalent to that comprised in Gone with the Wind, but might nevertheless be of adequate architectural interest to make the focal point of your entry. Graciously curving hand railings, handsome newel posts, elegantly proportioned measures and elaborately throw or flipped balustrades — all of these are details that merit attention.

If more small in size and lacking decorative detail, your own stairway will, in the minimum, provide space to make your own image gallery or possibly a print room, and will grow to be a gratifying transitional space between floors.

Whichever parts are colored in contrast to the remainder of the scheme, all these will be the details which can stand out. Remember that wood comes with a color and it is a fantastic idea to attempt and match other wood furnishings in the surrounding regions for this color.

It is not possible to think of a stairway without considering the rooms together with that it joins — in particular the hallway where it likely emanates. Since both regions will inevitably be seen collectively, it is necessary that the color schemes of these are tightly linked, if not completely the same.

The space under a stairway delivers a great chance for storage, either shut in and housing unsightly objects (for instance, cleaning implements and bikes ) or open and possibly forming a mini library or bar.

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